Web Design

Are you a start-up, NGO, or SME company? Web presence and high performance are extremely important factors for visibility and sales. After conducting a needs assessment test and understanding the vision of our client we will provide several mockup designs for you to select.Web design is majorly the front end the client /user experience (UI/UX)

The process;

  • Understanding client needs–we will seek to understand the model of your business, preferred color schemes, fonts, budget size, and business goals 
  • Content creation-Depending on your industry niche and your business goals we conduct information research and create content with target keywords to help you rank on the Search Engine Results Page.
  • Web design-our designers are keen on creating websites that enhance seamless navigation and promote a good user experience.
  • Web development-At Shamiri communication we do not stop at creating the website, we go above and beyond to ensure that the websites are SEO optimized to ensure that you, our client are able to meet your business objectives
  • Launch and maintenance-after creating the website we submit it to various search engines and install an analytics tracking software to help you monitor progress while constantly improving content

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Increase your sales with an incredible online store, full of features and functionality.

Mobile Apps

Follow the global trend and create your revolutionary mobile app built with the best technologies.

Web Application

We build applications for different purposes using technologies that allow you more security.

Digital Marketing

We work to promote your brand in partnership with the best marketing platforms today.