Search Engine is not a new concept amongst Kenyan digital marketers anymore. People now appreciate the value and importance of making sure they are easily accessible on various search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo.

In case the concept is new to you worry not. We will break down SEO in simpler terms so that you will have an idea if not a thorough understanding by the end of this blog. Search engine optimization is the deliberate measures you put in place to ensure that your site ranks high on the Search Engine Results Page when a user enters a search query.

Nowadays before a customer makes a purchase more often than not the first place they turn to is google(google is one example of a search engine but for this text, we will use google to mean search engine). The same case when it comes to searching for information, people run to google first. The whole idea of optimization is to make sure when prospective clients are looking for a product/service you sell, they land on your page for you to convert them into actual buyers. 

Search Engine Optimisation is a huge opportunity for your business to leverage. Contrary to paid advertising ie Pay Per Click, SEO is free and more long-lasting. However, it might take a while before you see the results of an SEO campaign.PPC on the other hand provides instant results but is short-lived due to budget constraints. You miss out on a lot of organic traffic when your site is not optimized for search engines.

Why  You Need SEO for Your Business?

•SEO helps boost domain authority hence becoming an industry leader in your niche.

•You gain huge free/organic traffic that you can convert to buyers

•SEO is relatively cheap compared to Pay-Per-Click and advertising on traditional media.

•You will attract only quality leads that have business value

•SEO ensures your business is promoted for a longer period.

The SEO Techniques We Implement 

We embrace best practices in compliance with search engines’ guidelines-what is commonly known as white-hat SEO. Black-hat techniques are methods that cheat/manipulate search engines. The results are faster but the damage can be disastrous to your website.

•Regular and original content that is rich in keywords. Content is king when it comes to digital marketing. Great content is authoritative, trustworthy and expertly executed.

•Social Media Marketing-this is promoting the web pages on social media to provide a signal to search engines.

•Link-building-only quality backlinks affect the ranking of your website. Search engines can identify spammy backlinks and genuine backlinks.

•Blogging-We identify your niche, create content that is SEO optimized, create necessary links, ensure the site loads fast and maximize traffic from social media. We optimize images by adding alt texts, reducing file sizes, naming the files correctly, and creating image sitemaps.

•Google My Business -Enlisting your business on Google My Business helps with local SEO.

•We use  internal linking to increase the dwell time of a user 

•Mobile User Friendliness-links and tags matter, Broken links de-rank your page.

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